This will be my last blog post for consumer technology products. It was very interesting to write to you guys. Looking back I think the topic may have been too broad. I should have narrowed it down to a more specific market so that I would have a more specific audience. It think it was kind of hard to incorporate English rhetoric into my blog but it was not too hard to manage. I liked the challenge and was glad that some people may have benefited from reading my blog.


galaxynote2 ad

This is one of the few tweets by Samsung Mobile. Its clear purpose is to advertise their product. With social media becoming such a big role in today’s generation, many companies have turned towards social media outlets to advertise their products. It’s a very common marketing tactic to tend to the target audience. Most of Generation Y and parts of Generation X are the target audience and they utilize social media outlets such as Twitter fairly often. It would make sense for companies to seize the opportunity to grow, thus advertising on twitter. Marketing of technology before social media came mainly from print ads and television commercials. Now they have another alternative that is much cheaper to advertise on.

Cyanogenmod is a customized, aftermarket distributed firmware for select Android phones. Many people then take these firmwares and “flash” them onto their Android phone. On November 13th, Cyanogenmod released their newest stable firmware. CM10. For those who care about modifying their phones, this firmware is exceptional. This company has been around for 2 years and have had 5 different releases. This shows how dedicated and up to date this company is. But as for CM10, it has all the latest bells and whistles. It is a firmware based off of Android’s new Jellybean OS, so it has the newest features, but also got rid of useless features.

Cyanogenmod is free. All those who want to and are able to get this mod should. In the link provided here, is how one would be able to do this.


The iPad Mini has been announced for release on Nov. 2, 2012.

As a technology enthusiast, I think the iPad mini is pretty lame due to the existence of the i5 and the iPad. Did the iPad shrink, or did the i5 grow? Nevertheless, the iPad mini, as a product, is very solid. It’s build resembles a mix of the i5 and the iPad with Retina Display (RD). Some of the key features of the iPad Mini are: Siri, thin and light, facetime, etc. I think the iPad mini is a great buy, and for only 329 dollars.

Although it is a great buy, is it worth buying if you already have a macbook, i5, and iPad2/RD, is the iPad mini worth it? I don’t think so. It would be cool to have, but what is the point of having 2 tablets? I do think it is a reasonable product to buy if you don’t own any iPad yet. It can do mostly everything that an iPad can, all the while, having a smaller form factor.

Keep an eye out for its closest competitor, the Nexus 7. It’s also an amazing product.


Although this keyboard works correctly, it is very confusing. The keyboard looks exquisite but one of the features it has is that the keys aren’t labeled. How am I supposed to type, let alone use the keyboard, if I don’t know what I’m pressing? The keyboard has an interesting mechanism for the keys. It’s called a mechanical keyboard because each key is its own entity. It has a really cool clicking sound if you press the buttons too.  The keyboard may be a bit too advanced for me; I grew up with the IBM Model M, which is supposed to be what Das Keyboard modeled their keyboard after. I’m not too great at typing, so I’ll stick with something a bit more simplistic.


With Android leading the OS market and the release of the iOS 6, RIM has finally appeared and presented the keynote on the newly announced Blackberry 10 operating system.

According to the keynote, this operating system comes loaded with tons of new features that is different from other operating systems. The main 4 things that is presented in the keynote is the flow, peek, hub, and how everything can be done with 1 hand.

Although these 4 features are revolutionary for RIM, other operating systems have had similar features for quite awhile now. Something I found interesting about these features is that they are all connected. Flow is the swiping UI that is used to get places on the phone. Using your 1 hand, you can peek at all your notifications; when needed, you can advance further from the peek screen into the hub. As confusing as it all sounds, I personally think it’s quite nifty. The beta phone they used was unresponsive at times, but when it worked, it was smooth and very functional.

Even with all these new gimmicks to tend to a younger lifestyle, RIM also stayed true to its roots. Blackberry’s are widely known as a business phone and RIM did not forget that. With Blackberry 10 OS, there are some interesting upgrades for the business lifestyle. Some include a more handy calendar and a mode on the phone that is only for business. I found that really cool that RIM didn’t try to conform too much to today’s society. They changed what had to be changed, but they stayed true to themselves. That’s very honorable in my eyes.

So for all you people that don’t like iOS or Android, BB10 OS may just be the right fit for you. It still is in a beta phase so there is more to be revealed. It is said that the phone and OS will be available early 2013. So stay tuned. This may be RIM’s time to outshine all other operating systems.

I found myself laughing quite a bit at this commercial. I personally am a HUGE fan boy of the Samsung Galaxy S3, so this phone will most definitely make its way back onto this blog.

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